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IT Services & Support

Managed Support

Web, telephone, email and on-site support

Remote Access

Majority of issues are resolved using remote control access software.

Priorty Support

Ensuring you get the best level of support.

Business Hosting

Simple and reliable

We do the hard work so you don't have to.

Daily Backups

Multiple off site daily backups.

Priorty Support

Ensuring you get the best level of support.

Fast UK Servers

Power Dell servers running on multihomed network.

Resiliant Infrastructure

Your website is in safe hands.


We can transfer your website & emails without any downtime.

Web Design

Functional & Insiprational

Blending function and design together to create inspirational websites.


Works on all internet enabled devices.

Our Background

In the beginning

Links Software, a software company, formed an IT divison to compliment its custom business apps. The progression was natural as Links found companies using "friends" to run their systems.

Soon after that...

The venture proved successful and maroculous was created and provided IT solutions for a multitude of businesses. Only six months after maroculous was form, we were running our own dedicated server to meet customer demands.

Long term partnerships

Because we have delivered projects time and time again, we have built up great partnerships with our clients.

Continual development

Our infrastructure has allowed us to grow in all areas of our business - from hardware (servers, networks, workstations) to software (websites, apps). We are continually developing...